Unlike human other creatures do have fates in all possible ways. Of some are known and some are under process to be known. Different breeds of dogs are supposed to be prone to certain diseases. Among all the breeds the Australian shepherds are prone to fatal disease – epilepsy. The disease is very evident in the Australian shepherds in a year of age. While sometime in the age of seven also epilepsy is a witness, though that is a rare case. But the outcome of the dreaded is not as pleasant as it may turn fatal if not treated at the right time.


Epilepsy is defined to be the neurological state with multiple seizures. If the cause underlying the seizure is not known then it is termed as primary or idiopathic epilepsy. Recent studies state that there is no permanent cure for primary epilepsy. Primary epilepsy is not caused by any sort of abnormality in one gene or in sets of the gene in every breed of dog. the seizures can occur due to any sort of injury, any sort of other diseases or an increase of toxicity or be any hereditary cause. The first work of the owner is to get the dog to a veteran who after complete examination continue the treatment and medication.however for epilepsy it is important to be diagnosed first as many cases have happened where the veteran fails to diagnose the cause of seizure and the dog died due to lack of proper medication.


Epilepsy is generally witnessed within one year of age however it is difficult to diagnose in the early stage. Ad the dog slowly shows up the sign. The prime sign of the disease is it starts to become tired, the activity reduces to a greater level. all you see is lying down like a sloth. The energy driving him crazy just vanishes. When you see such signs in your dog, the first thing is to take him to the veteran hospital for knowing the actual reason./ as tiredness may also appear due to overstress to the working muscles leading to muscle fatigue. Hence it is important to get the diagnosis done as soon as possible.if the dog be diagnosed with seizure, it becomes important to know the type of it. As the primary one is incurable but if the seizure is for any other reason then it can be treated. Give them a high quality dog crate and premium dog bed to sleep on at night. This will help them recover. Find more dog products for your Australian Shepherd at this dog product review website.

To conclude, epilepsy is fatal if left uncured. Besides, for instance, if your dog is diagnosed with primary epilepsy it is advised by the veteran not to allow breeding because of the inheritance issues. to the practical note, it is stress to the owner as there is no such surety that the next generation will be healthy as it may bear with epilepsy which may raise the burden of the cost of treatment and emotional attachment despite knowing the fatal consequences of the dog. Sometimes it is healthy to take prioritize the practicality over emotional bonds.




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